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Data & Reporting

Turn your data into business insights

CatalystPay provides the comprehensive payment reporting and analytics tools as well as transaction management system designed with the ecommerce merchant in mind. It gives you access to various reports including financial, risk and marketing reports as well as analytics data that helps you spot hidden opportunities.

Get smarter with on-demand reporting

Put your data to work in your own way. Review, manage and share your payments data – whenever and how you want to.  Make informed decisions for your business.

Your business at a glance

Real-time reporting tools to help you gain the functional operational insights for your business and reconcile with ease.

Business inteligence portal

Make sure your payments perform as expected with real-time reporting and data exports in the BIP. It’s your payments mission control.

Simplify reconciliation process

Take control over your payments

Help your business make better decisions and automate your reconciliation processes with real-time access to financial data. Our reconciliation API makes it easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do you offer back office portal to merchants?

    Our merchnat portal is called Business Intelligence Platform (BIP). The BIP is a graphical user interface for managing your payment transactions. The platform is your powerful tool for:

    · Payment Processing
    · Risk Management
    · Integration Interfaces
    · Configuration
    · Analysis
    · Reporting
    · Monitoring
  • How do I access your merchant portal?

    We shall provide you with a dedicated link to BIP and credentials to access it upon delivering your merchant account. It's important to store and protect your BIP credentials in safe environment and do not share them with anyone.
  • What functionalities does your merchant portal provide?

    The BIP is your payment mission control. Once logged in, you will be welcomed by the central dashboard which provides a complete overview of your payment activities. From your dashboard you can access everything you need to manage your business, including payments data, customer details, risk management settings, reports and much more.

    The BIP enables you to:

    · Review and manage payments (Transactions Menu)
    · Generate reports (Analysis Menu)
    · Manage risk settings (Risk Management Menu)
    · Manage webhooks (Administration Menu)
  • What information does the Transaction Menu in BIP provide?

    The Transaction Menu is probably the most important screen in the BIP. It shows you the full payment activity for your business for the selected period of time.

    The Transaction Menu in BIP enables you to view your full payment history, as well as take actions such as capturing, reversing or refunding a payment. You can also initiate a recurring payment or mark a payment as chargeback.
  • What information does the Analysis Menu in BIP provide?

    The Analysis Menu in the BIP provides a variety of information about transaction count, turnovers and chargebacks. With the Analysis tool you can easily generate all sorts of reports with payments, refunds and chargebacks data in various formats.

    You can visualize the information in an interactive graphical view "Chart View" based on selected options or you can switch to "Tabular View" where you can see the same information but in a tabular format.

    All reports are available for export in XLS, CSV or PDF format.
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