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Simplify the checkout experience and offer customers secure and user-friendly payment page using our Payment Plugins, designed for the leading ecommerce platforms. Offering a diverse array of payment options and fortified security measures, these plugins boost your online store performance.

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Explore a growing array of payment plugins, with new ones added regularly. Increase transaction success, enhance security, and expand effortlessly.

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Enhance the way your ecommerce store handles payments with CatalystPay. Enjoy a seamless integration, enhanced security, and dedicated support, all while expanding your customer base and driving growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our Payment Plugins? Find the answers here.

  • What is the cost of the payment plugins?

    The CatalystPay payment plugins are free of charge to download. However, in order to start processing through it, you need first to apply for merchant account. Review the pricing page for more information on our clear and straightforward pricing model.
  • Which ecommerce platform you have payment plugins for?

    We are constantly working on adding new plugins for the most popular ecommerce platform. Check regularly our page to find the latest additions. Can't find your eCommerce platform in the list? Contact our team to learn about integration options for other solutions.
  • Are the plugins up to date?

    We make sure all our plugins are as per the latest update of the respective ecommerce platform. We perform regular QA checks to ensure they operate properly to ensure smooth customer experience. 
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