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We offer clear and straightforward pricing model for standard ecommerce businesses as well as tailored pricing plans to accommodate merchants’ specific needs. 

Payment Processing


Blended pricing model, applicable for low-risk eCommerce retailers and SaaS businesses.
  • For Standard European cards
    1.5% + €0.30
    1.5% will be a fee calculated as a percentage of the transaction amount  plus an additional fixed fee of €0.30. Standard European cards refer to payment cards such as credit cards, debit cards, or prepaid cards issued by major card networks like Visa and Mastercard and issued by EEA (European Economic Area) banks and  financial institutions.
  • For Premium European cards
    1.6% + €0.30
    1.6% will be a fee calculated as a percentage of the transaction amount  plus an additional fixed fee of €0.30. Premium European cards typically refer to payment cards such as  Visa Infinite, Visa Gold, Mastercard World Elite, Mastercard Gold, issued by EEA (European Economic Area) banks and financial institutions. 
  • For UK cards
    2.5% + €0.30
    2.5% will be a fee calculated as a percentage of the transaction amount  plus an additional fixed fee of €0.30.UK cards refer to payment cards issued by banks and financial institutions within the United Kingdom. 
  • For International Cards
    3.25% + €0.30
    3.25% will be a fee calculated as a percentage of the transaction amount  plus an additional fixed fee of €0.30. International Cards refer to all standard and premium cards, issued by banks and financial institutions outside the EEA (European Economic Area)and UK. 
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Weekly payouts and 10% rolling reserve applied


For all other online businesses

Get in touch for a tailored pricing based on your volume & business model.

  • Customized pricing offers
  • Volume based discounts
  • Tailored approach specific to business needs
  • Flexible payout terms
  • Flexible collateral terms
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What's Included

Overview of the services included in the pricing

  • Global payments with a single integration

    • 150+ processing currencies and 15+ Settlement currencies; 120+ supported global and local payment methods; prebuilt integrations to the most popular shopping carts.
  • Reliable Customer Support

    • We focus on uncompromisingly good customer service from our team of knowledgeable and responsive customer and technical support staff.
  • Rigourous Security & Compliance control

    • Tokenization,3D secure processing, access to anti-fraud controls are available at no additional cost.
  • Data & Reporting

    • Access to comprehensive merchant portal for payment reporting and analytics tools as well as transaction management system designed with the ecommerce merchant in mind.
  • Streamlined Onboarding

    • We guide our merchants along each step of the onboarding and merchant account openning process to ensure shorter time to market.
  • Customer Dispute Management

    • Our dedicated dispute team will assist you managing your customer dispute and complaints free of charge and will improve your customer satisfaction level.


*Additional fees may apply depending on the provider of choice. Complete pricing list will be communicated prior to contracting. 

Payment Account

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have set up fees and/or monthly fees?

    There are no setup and/or monthly fees charged by CatalystPay. There are a setup and monthly fees which vary depending on the acquirer the merchant is set up to work with.
  • Are there certain types of businesses you cannot work with?

    Merchants are eligible to apply for services, if their business is registered in any of the European Economic Area Member States and their business is not in the prohibited industries list. Please Contact Us to find out more information about the eligibility of your business.
  • When does CatalystPay collect its fees?

    CatalystPay acts as an independent sales organization (ISO) for authorised financial institutions (PIs, EMIs) in the UK and EU. As an ISO Catalystpay Limited is in the business of identifying and referring clients to those financial institutions and in return receiving a commission in the form of % of the revenue that the financial institutions make from each referred client. Since Catalystpay only acts as an intermediary and is not a contracting party in the customer and the payment service provider relationship, CatalystPay does not hold or operate with merchant's funds.
  • How do I receive my funds?/ How long do payouts take?

    For Standard low-risk eCommerce businesses, as defined above, the payouts are on a weekly basis. For all other online businesses, defined as Custom above, we offer flexible payout terms.
  • What is your pricing model?

    We support both Blended and Interchange ++ pricing models. For low-risk eCommerce businesses, defined as Standard above we apply Blended pricing model. For Custom cases as defined above, we offer both Blended and Interchange ++, tailored to merchant's business needs.
  • What are the refund fees?

    CatalystPay charges refunds in the same manner as transactions for Standard businesses, as defined above. The refund fees are determined based on the applicable pricing structure associated with the respective card type utilized during the initial transaction.
  • What are the chargeback fees?

    Chargeback fees depend on the aquiring partner and typically range between €25-35 per transaction.
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