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Merchant Account Shut Down? CatalystPay Can Help!

  • 4 min read
  • 03 april 2023

We frequently hear from clients about losing their merchant account, which can occur for various reasons. Complying with the most major single channel providers terms of service can be challenging for a small business due to the numerous rules and regulations that businesses must adhere to use their services. At CatalystPay, we apply multi-acquirer strategy and offer personalized attention to ensure that your business complies with all requirements to keep your merchant account in good standing and open for business.

A single channel payment processing company is often the first place merchants look to open a credit card processing account.  Unfortunately, losing this type of account is a common occurrence, which can be a significant setback for any business.  Declined sales and lengthy delays in receiving processed revenue can disrupt the payment flow.  By switching to CatalystPay, businesses can enjoy several advantages and reduce the risks of relying solely on a single channel solution for processing online sales. 

Why would CatalystPay be a better option than a single channel solution?

Diversified payment options 

CatalystPay provides businesses with a variety of payment options through a multi-channel PSP system.  This system supports multiple currencies from various banks, making it more convenient for businesses to accept payments from customers globally.  By offering a broad selection of payment methods, including traditional credit cards, providers like Klarna for Buy Now Pay Later or PayPal, and even cryptocurrencies, CatalystPay minimizes the risk of businesses missing out on sales due to limited payment options.  This increased flexibility benefits customers by providing them with more options to make payments.

Strong and effective security features

CatalystPay offers more robust payment gateway security features than single-channel payment providers, which can help protect businesses from fraud and other security risks. These include 3D Secure authentication, tokenization, and encryption technologies that help safeguard sensitive payment data.

Enhanced payment processing capabilities

CatalystPay offers more advanced payment processing capabilities, including features such as recurring payments, buy now/pay later, payment routing, and payment optimization.  These features can assist businesses in improving their payment processes and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Increased flexibility and scalability

Single channel providers may limit your daily sales to as low as $5,000.  Scaling up with these companies can involve significant administrative effort and is not always guaranteed.  CatalystPay, on the other hand, offers businesses more flexibility and scalability, allowing them to adjust to changing market conditions and expand their operations with ease.  This feature can be advantageous for businesses as it enables them to grow.  With CatalystPay, you can process as many sales as you need, ensuring that you have the necessary capacity to succeed.


Businesses that have lost their account with a single-channel payment processing platform can benefit significantly by switching to CatalystPay.  By offering a wider range of payment options, robust security features, enhanced payment processing capabilities, and increased scalability, CatalystPay can help your online businesses stay competitive and better serve your customers. Contact us now to learn more. 

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